Momma Style

I’ve been wondering lately what type of mother I am. Am I an organic mom? I don’t know if I would really classify myself as an organic mom (aside from the fact that I am, indeed, carbon-based). I certainly do a lot of things that could put me in that category. I breastfeed, I am madly in love with my sling, I make my own baby food, and I’ve even begun cloth diapering. That said, there are certainly many things I do that are NOT organic.  We use drugstore lotion and baby wash, regular laundry detergent (fragrance free, of course, but not an organic brand), and don’t really care if I buy regular or organic cotton.

It’s an interesting human desire to want to categorize things.  Everything in our world is categorized.  There are tons of types of stores (grocery, discount, department, dollar), countless TV genres (drama, comedy, dramedy), a myriad of car types (coupe, sedan, SUV, crossover), and six kingdoms of life (plants, animals, bacteria, Archean, fungi, protists).  If something doesn’t fit perfectly into one category, we must make a new category.  That’s why we have outlet stores, kids shows, Hummers, and Archaea.  What causes us to do this?  Is it some unconscious way we try to exert control over the world around us?  Is it the only way our meager human brains can comprehend everything in nature?  Or are we just bored?

Anyway, to conclude all these random ramblings, “myriad” is my favorite word.


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