Diaper Duty

We’ve all been there- diapers need to be changed.  A lot.  And it really adds up- financially, environmentally, and even physically.  I’ve recently begun cloth diapering my darling Rosie for many reasons.

My biggest reason is the financial aspect.  Having a baby is expensive!  And I really enjoy being able to spend time with her.  In order to work part time and continue to keep our family going, we need to really get our spending under control.  Even with coupons and sales, buying diapers really eats into our paychecks!  Plus, has anyone else noticed that the Pampers coupons are worth less and less each month?  Can we say “ripoff”?

There’s also the painfully obvious environmental factor.  Most people estimate a diaper will degrade in about 500 years.  That’s assuming that the bacteria can actually get to the diaper to get to work on it.  I don’t know about you, but my disposable diapers were always thrown into a diaper pail with a plastic bag/liner thing.  The liner was then thrown into the dumpster.  And I’ve never actually followed it, but I’m 99.9% sure that the contents of the dumpster end up buried in the landfill.  So, between layers of garbage, plastic, and whatever covers a landfill, I’m not sure the bacteria can get through super-easily to my diaper.  I’m kinda’ thinking it’s going to be sitting there a lot longer than 500 years.

And then there’s the physical aspect of it.  Disposable diapers have a lot chemicals, which can’t be super pleasant on a baby’s delicate skin.  Since switching to cloth, my little girl has not had much in the way of diaper rash (she never did anyway, but I’m still going to take any victory I can).  Then there’s the physical toll on me.  A box of new diapers is hard to carry into the house when you’ve also got a infant.  And bag of dirty diapers is even heavier!  I’m a very small-framed person, and I can barely manage to carry my daughter in her carseat/carrier.  Add diapers to that, and I’m ready to collapse when I get inside!  The cloth diapers are much easier.  They were all delivered to my door by the nice UPS/USPS/FedEx guys, and that’s it.

So, we decided to switch.  Well, I decided to switch, and hubby is kindly going along with it.  We’ve been trying out lots of types of diapers.  I’m excited to be getting my Charlie Banana’s soon- I’ve read lots of fantastic reviews about them, and I think they’ll work great for us.  The best thing about Charlie Banana?  They’re giving away an ultra-adorable “Goodbye disposable Hello Cloth” diaper!  Check it out!


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