Falling For You

Fall is coming quickly.  The temperature has dropped, the leaves are turning beautiful shades of orange and red, and noses are stuffing up.

Around here, Fall brings with it a couple different reasons to be stuffy.  First, there’s the allergies.  Fall means hay, and leaf-burning, and corn mazes, which lead to itchy eyes and running noses.  Rosie seems to have inherited hay fever from her parents.  While her sneezes may be one of the cutest sounds on earth, it’s hard not to feel bad for her when she’s congested and can’t sleep.

Then there are colds.  Winter in Chicago can be very unforgiving- cold, snowy, and gray.  Between being bummed out by the overcast skies, sloshing through a sooty mixture of what you can only pray is slush, and being stuck inside with drying heaters, it’s hard not to get a little sick.

Like most moms, I don’t like watching my daughter feel miserable.  I try to help her the best I can.  Decongestants haven’t been an option- they were shown to be dangerous for babies and young children years ago.  To me, and to many others, the best bet is keeping the mucosal pathways flushed and clean.  Like most babies, Rosie HATES having stuff put into her nose.  To her, saline drops and the “booger sucker” are implements of torture.

Enter “Boogie Wipes”.  Boogie Wipes are kind of like a moist towelette.  Except instead of some mystery solution, they’re covered in saline, so they can help clean out a nose and get rid of all the bad stuff in there.  And they’re available in scents, so kids actually like having them near noses.  Head on over to Peace, Love, and Poop (my new favorite blog- tons of fun, cute ideas for families, and loads of great giveaways!) to enter to get some FREE Boogie Wipes!



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