Sibling Rivalry

Isn’t sibling rivalry fun?


Okay, so Baby Roz doesn’t have a human sibling.  She has the world’s awesomest, handsomest, silliest, greyhound sibling, Kiba.  And there is definitely some rivalry between the two.


Every morning, when I wake up, I nurse Roz.  At the same time, Kiba decides that he must also be in my lap.  This is quite the site to see, considering Kiba is about 80 lbs!  Roz will sometimes kick Kiba in the head to get him off.  Fortunately, Kiba has an ultra-thick skull, and doesn’t seem to notice.


One of Roz’s favorite activities is pulling all the toys out of the box.  Unfortunately, it’s Kiba’s toy box.  We’ve unearthed a few toys he hasn’t played with in a while.  He doesn’t care about Roz’s adventures, though.  He prefers to spend his time attacking Roz’s stuffed animals.


Then there are the times when the three of us go for a walk.  I tell Kiba to let the baby through the door first.  So, he goes ahead of us.  I know, I know, greyhounds don’t understand English.  But sometimes I wonder…


And lastly, there was tonight.  Roz wanted to help in the kitchen while I was making dinner.  So, to distract her, I gave her a pot and a spoon to play with.  Kiba decided they were toys for him.  He started licking the pot.  Then, he started licking the spoon.  The same spoon that she was chewing on.  So on one end of the spoon, I have Roz.  On the other end, I have Kiba.


At least they can share nicely.


3 responses to “Sibling Rivalry

  1. That would be a great picture.

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