April is…

Adopt a Greyhound Month!  That’s right!  April is super-duper ultra special.  Besides being Earth Month, and hosting Real Diaper Week, April is Adopt a Greyhound Month!  This has special meaning to me, since I have the awesomest greyhound on Earth!  He was adopted in February, but still, April is a good month.

Anyway, to learn more about what wonderful, super-duper awesome companions greyhounds are, please talk to any rescue group near you!  Also, the Greyhounds Only website offers tons and tons and tons and tons of “greyt” information on greyhounds in the home.


While fast and athletic, greyhounds can be extremely lazy, sleeping about 18 hours a day.  Seriously.  18 hours a day.  How I envy my Kiba!  But that’s okay, because greyhounds are sweet, loving companions.  So, let’s celebrate April!  Recycle!  Adopt a Greyhound!




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