Real Diaper Week

It’s April!  That means it’s Earth Month!  The one month of the year when lots of people think about the environment, which culminates in Earth Day, when everyone thinks about the environment (for a little while, at least).

It also means that this week is Real Diaper Week.  This is a week that promotes the use of cloth diapers, and culminates in the Great Cloth Diaper Change, on Sunday, April 21st.  The Great Cloth Diaper Change will attempt to set a world record for the most babies put into a cloth diaper at one time.  Or something like that.  Anyway, check out the link above to find a location near you.  Even if you don’t cloth diaper, it will be a great chance to talk to other mamas about the pros and cons and neutral of cloth diapering.

Happy Pooping!


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