Human Instinct and Oreos

English: Two regular Oreo cookies. Please chec...

English: Two regular Oreo cookies. Please check my Wikimedia User Gallery for all of my public domain works. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tonight, I conducted a highly important scientific study.  I determined, without a shred of doubt, that how Oreo cookies are eaten is part of human instinct.

Roz had Oreo cookies for only the second time in her life tonight.  Prior to her first experiences with Oreos, she had not previously seen us eat them.  Still, she knew exactly how to eat them.  You begin by separating the two parts of the cookies, then eating the creamy filling.  Then, you get rid of the rest of the cookie and start again.

She did eventually eat the rest of the cookie.  I poured her some milk, because we all know it’s against the law to eat Oreos without milk.  The second she saw me pouring the milk, she instinctively knew that you must dip your Oreo in the milk.  She took the rest of the cookie, dipped them, and quickly ate them down.

I believe this highly controlled, scientific study speaks for itself.  Humans are clearly born knowing how to eat Oreo cookies.


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