No, You Did Not “Research” Vaccines

There’s been an outbreak of mumps, a vaccine-preventable illness, in my hometown.  It annoys me because at the center of the outbreak are, most likely, parents that refused to vaccinate their kids.


“‘But but but!  My research told me that vaccines are bad!  They cause autism and allow the government to control you and make you more delicious tasting to aliens!”


Anyone thinking that, or something similar, I have a message for you:  No.  You did not “research” vaccines.


There is a big difference between a Google search, in which you most likely used anti-vax keywords, and actual research.  Research involves being at the lab bench, seeing which B cells are making antibody in response to the vaccine.  Research involves testing vaccines in volunteers.  Research involves following hundreds of thousands of case studies.  Research involves reading scientific papers, understanding the statistical significance reported in clinical trials, and finding real flaws with the trial design.  Research does not involve reading blogs written by random, but vocal, stupid actresses.


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